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Supply Crate – Kira

Kira requested a Supply Crate for her Air Force unit located in Germany. She wanted a console to add to their heritage room for Active Duty airmen to enjoy when they hang out there:

The 86 Communication Squadron at Ramstein Air Base, Germany, is the largest Comm squadron in the Air Force with over 300 personnel, supporting thousands of customers across Europe. 86CS never fails to take care of their Airman, and is always pushing for improvements anywhere and everywhere in the work center. In the recent months, 86CS has renovated the heritage room, where airman are able to interact, host cookouts, watch movies, host game nights, have award ceremonies, reenlist, and so much more. With the recent renovations to the room, at most events, NCOs are brining in their own personal gaming stations to allow airmen to interact with each other on the tvs recently added to the heritage room. The help of this crate would impact the moral of airman positivity in a way unimaginable.

Seems like the heritage room is the perfect spot for building morale and what's better than morale and camaraderie building with video games? We sent her a Supply Crate for our Airmen to enjoy together.


You and every one of our Active Military members who will get to enjoy this console are very welcome Kira.

Slothosaurus Rexy sponsored Kira and the 86 Communication Squadron's Supply Crate. Did our T-Rex mascot attract Slothosaurus Rexy to the Stack Up cause? Whatever the reason, thank you to her and her community for supporting the Stack Up mission. Check out Slothosaurus Rexy on Twitch.

Answer the Call to Arms! Hit the button below to donate or sign up to fundraise for Stack Up. Our mission is to improve the mental health of Veterans through the power of gaming.

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