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Supply Crate – Kinada

Kinada requested a Supply Crate for his unit stationed in Poland:

We are currently stationed over in Poland to help train and fight alongside fellow NATO nations in the deterrence of Russian forces.

At Stack Up, we don't support conflicts; our concern is the people on the ground who are thrown into these situations and put in danger. At the end of the day, we want to help the people whose needs will be forgotten in these conflicts.

Thank you so much Nerdy_Senpai and Stack Up for the care package!
- Kinada Dragon

Kinada himself has streamed and fundraised for Stack Up in the past. Knowing he's Active Duty and been around the Stack Up community, we knew we had to fulfill his request.

Nerdy_Senpai sponsored Kinada's Supply Crate. Nerdy_Senpai participated in our Call to Arms LIVE event. She's really cool and so much fun to watch, whether she's streaming a variety of fun games or fundraising. If you have the chance, go check out her channel.

Hitting the button below is the first step to fundraising with Stack Up. Once you sign up, one of our Influencer Relations Team members will email you more information about us and ask if you need any help or have questions about fundraising. Sign up!

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