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Supply Crate – Keith

Keith is stationed overseas with the U.S. Army and requested a Supply Crate for himself and to play with others in his unit.

We are currently deployed in Kuwait hard working group just trying to make the most of this deployment I have 3 children back home that I miss very much and my only outlet is video games but do not have the financial flexibility to buy one right now

Kids mean that much of that Military paycheck, supplementary income, and benefits are going toward family needs. Keith sounded like he could use a rescue in the form of some good 'ol gaming morale boosters. So, we shipped him out a new console.


Thank you for reaching out, Keith.

SpookyLoopz sponsored Keith's Supply Crate. SpookyLoopz was a contender in 2022's Call to Arms LIVE event and has made it to our Wall of Heroes a couple of years in a row. He streams on Twitch.

May is only two months away, so we are getting close to time to make our Memorial Day fundraising push. Join in by signing up on our DonorDrive page by hitting the button below.

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