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PC Vetrofit Crate – Keith

Thank you for dropping into this PC Vetrofit Crate update. We're halfway through the year. What a year it has been so far.

Keith is an Army Veteran who wanted a gaming PC because he's always enjoyed working on computers and being able to game with them.

My name is Keith and I served in the US Army as a Forward Observer 13Fox from 2004 to 2008. Stationed in Germany and deployed to Iraq for 12 months that got extended to 15 due to rising complications and hostilities in the Al Hit area. I regularly participated in ground patrols and on foot assignments and have received an Army Commendation and Achievement Medals along with the Combat Action Badge for engaging the enemy and being attacked by small arms, indirect mortars and RPG fire. Our unit was responsible in the capture of Zarkowi and numerous other cell members in relations with Al-queda and Saddam Hussein's prior regime. It feels like yesterday when recalling and remembering the events of warfare in Iraq. Upon leaving the service honorably in 2008 at the end of my contract I desired nothing but peace and wanted to pursue a life without conflict after witnessing so much at an early age of 20. After 15 years I am now disabled and a college graduate. I have always found passion in computers and spent much of my spare time in my youth helping others repair and troubleshoot their laptops and rigs. I even received another award for helping our camp establish a small mwr internet room for soldiers to write home when our area was constantly under red river status( too hostile to move non priority personal and civilian contractors). I've loved gaming with my brother and my friends and family since I was a teen and found it to be one of the only ways I was able to bond with my father who also retired from the US Army. Now I am married and as much as I try to relive my youth and bring myself back to gaming. I am found putting the needs of my wife and my 2 dogs first. For what gaming I have been able to get into I find that it is the best treatment for my PTSD and mental set backs as it keeps me constantly engaged and fulfills a need to preoccupy my time and mind. It feels it is some of the best therapy possible to spend darker hours distracting myself with the art and entertainment of the digital world. I'd be forever grateful to any and all who help me not only relive a beautiful moment in my past but also help me endure my future. War is not for everyone is what I learned first hand. I have nothing but respect for those who have dedicated their lives to service. But one war was enough for me to see how bad the world and man can be to one another. I will spend the last of my days deciminating why I was where I was and what if any impact I truly made. I suffer greatly from guilt in fears I have never did enough or that for some reason I only contributed to the violence. Thank you all for what you guys do and thank you to whoever might read this. I wish all the best and regardless of who is selected I know you will be doing that veteran a service. Bless you all.

Thanks, Keith! We understand how gaming helps. After everything Keith has told us, RonnieFit and his amazing community helped send a PC from StinceBuilt, who will be making more PCs like the Stack Up one we recently sent out, and this RonnieFit one for recipients to enjoy.

Got everything in! I am getting it set up this weekend and I’ll have some pictures sent out to you guys!
Love the jerky also! Thanks so much for everything
Super stoked and grateful to you guys and all that you do,
Keith Kair

Hopefully, Keith gets plenty of gaming on!

As always, thanks to RonnieFit and his community for everything they've done for Veterans like Keith.

Want to get your community involved in helping Stack Up raise funds for more PCs? Sign up to fundraise on DonorDrive, and a member of our Influencer Relations Team will help you with any setup or guidance should you need it.

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