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PC Vetrofit Crate – Joseph

Happy Independence Day! We hope your holiday is great, whatever you get up to. We wanted to take this special day to talk about a recent PC Vetrofit Crate we delivered. Joseph, an Army Veteran's wife, requested a PC for him after everything he's been through. She felt he deserved something nice because he puts everyone else first. Read her request below:

My husband served 12 years in the Army before he was medically discharged for PTSD, Bipolar disorder, hearing loss and tinnitus and several physical injuries. He retired in 2012. I am his caregiver through the VA. He hasn't really adapted to being a civilian even this many years later. He doesn't do well in public settings even with small crowds. He tries to be a good dad but it takes so much out of him that sometimes I don't include him in certain things so that he doesn't have an episode. He is currently on the final waitlist to get a service dog in 2022 about the summer time, he has been on that list for 2 years and just recently made it to the final phase. Since he doesn't go outside, he has wanted to get into streaming for many years but we haven't really had the means to make that happen, we save and we plan and we try but things just come up and set us back, also he won't say it out loud but he puts himself after us all of the time. We would honestly take any help we can get even if it's just telling us what to do so we can try and make it happen over the next couple of years. Thank you.

Mental health can be exhausting to maintain, especially on top of physical health. Upon reading this request, we knew we had to help Joe out.

We had the opportunity to have our Overwatch Program Manager, Zach Kenny hand-deliver Joe's Vetrofit PC in person, so he did! The PC arrived just in time as Joe's old laptop died a day or so before the delivery.

Hopefully, we'll see Joe streaming soon! If he or even you need help or advice getting set up, our community can help. Joe got to be the first recipient of one of our customized Stince Built PCs. Check out the custom Stack Up case:

CryptoWrench sponsored Joe's Vetrofit PC Crate. He's been doing a lot of hyping up of Stack Up, so be sure to go hype him up if you ever get a chance.

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