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Supply Crate – Jonathon

Welcome to your Wednesday Supply Crate update. We know people get busy during the week, so we're keeping today short and sweet.

Jonathon is an Active Duty Army servicemember who requested a Supply Crate for his unit of engineers who are deployed in a remote location:

We are Engineers constantly pushing dirt, We love getting new toys to help time pass by till we are once again with our family’s we are currently at a location with minimal activities so anything will help us

In lieu of a reply, Jonathon sent us plenty of photos to share with VenomousWG, the sponsor of his unit's Supply Crate.

VenomousWG has been a great supporter of Stack Up, is a Marine Corps Veteran, and we think you should check out his channel if you're into DayZ.

We're so close to November, and we're trying to hit $600k or more to continue sending Supply Crates, fund our crisis support program with StOP and keep supporting our Veterans and deployed Troops through the power of gaming. Act now and sign up to fundraise or donate by hitting the button below.

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