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Supply Crate – Johnny

If you ever served in the Military, you probably remember getting deployed out of the country or sent to a base stateside in a location with sparse to offer in terms of recreation. In Johnny's case, his unit was deployed overseas, and the MWR was not too well-equipped:

Well we just landed in Syria within the last week. We’re a regular ground infantry unit from Detroit, Michigan. We’re on deloyment until late 2023. This base we’re on barely has an mwr. We do not have access to anything to be honest. It’s rough but we make do. And anything to help our morale is appreciated!

We could have been a charity that sends out care packages of books, toothpaste, and other bits and goods, but we chose video games. While consoles cost a pretty penny, they have plenty of long-term and widespread use. Besides, what's better after a long day than dropping into a fun pretend world and slaying monsters?

We sent Johnny and his unit a Supply Crate, and he sent us a reply.

Made it to me safe and sound! I appreciate everything!

We appreciate you and our brothers and sisters in arms, Johnny.

ThatCampinGuy did it again and sponsored yet another Supply Crate. He plays games like American Truck Simulator, and if that's what you're looking for, you can find him on Twitch.

Supply Crates aren't the only reason to fundraise. With the help of fundraisers and donors, we're able to offer our 24/7 Overwatch Program crisis peer-to-peer support line to Veterans and Active Military members through Discord. Help us help others by hitting the button below and fundraising.

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