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Supply Crate – John

For gamers in the Military, being deployed overseas can be difficult, especially when it comes to staying connected with their favorite games.

John's joint force team has been deployed overseas to a remote location and needed a gaming setup to help bring the team together:

Currently serving a 180 day deployment with my joint force (marine/air force/army) team in a remote location in Saudi Arabia. The base was vacant of US forces for the last 10+ years, however has recently been selected as a forward operating garrison and being built up to support more inbound troops. Personnel are living in geography seperated tents and the use of a gaming area would help to unify troops and will be placed (if approved) in a geographically centralized area for members to spend time together and bond over commonalities. Video games create a friendly competition that thrives in the military setting. The primary personnel that would be using the systems/games are aircraft machinics that work extended hours (12+) a day to support generation of 4 airframe in the middle east. MY TEAM ARE ALLSTARS! We have fuel cell mechanics, welders, electricians, egress, and munitions personnel who often don't see the impact of their importance. We try our best o recognize them independently and reward them for their hardwork, but many times members simply want time/place to relax and enjoy fellow service members company. Any Assistance from StackUp would greatly support my/our troops to relieve stress and help unify our team.

This sounds like the perfect opportunity for Stack Up to help this hardworking joint force team by providing them with support for their gaming area. So, of course, we sent out a Supply Crate to John, and he sent us the following reply and plenty of photos:

Please see attached image with some of our Aircraft Maintainers and the contents of the care package. We will ensure to spread some love directly to the streamer as well!

Hopefully, John and his fellow troops can enjoy the console as a reward for their hard work at the end of the day and relax and enjoy building camaraderie with each other.

A big thank you to GeauxGretchen for her incredible fundraising efforts to sponsor a Supply Crate sent out to John and his joint force team. This Supply Crate will be enjoyed by anyone who comes through the base. As always, we've included a link to GeauxGretchen's Twitch channel so that you may check her out when you have the time and thank her for supporting Stack Up!

Answer the Call to Arms to help support Stack Up in continuing to send out gaming care packages to Veterans and Troops around the world, from American to Allied Armed Forces, by hitting the button below!

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