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Supply Crate – James

Post-service can be a tough time for our Veterans because there are costs we didn't have before to consider. In James' case, he's been facing some major medical bills that are making his life difficult. Due to that, he wanted to get a Supply Crate so he could have something to enjoy.

I’ve recently finished my first contract and decided to go to college in order to adapt to a normal lifestyle and to focus on my family. However adapting to a this new lifestyle hasn’t been that easy, this lead to me getting into an accident in which I had to be transported to the emergency room.
I’m doing fine physically now besides a few stitches still there and bruises; but the VA apparently doesn’t cover the closest emergency room and I have to pay for the expenses such as the ambulance cost.
I’ve been posting all I can on Facebook marketplace in order to pay the medical bill.
I’m just trying to change up my stern “don’t ask for help” way of doing things and am attempting to reach out.
It will not be possible to get anything for Christmas this year or do something special with my wife until I pay this off. Hopefully this can brighten things up and help me and my wife bond.

Most of us Veterans have an attitude that we shouldn't ask for help. That we must be independent at all costs, and if we can't make things happen, we've failed. But the reality is, we aren't going to make it that far in the world without a little help. We're glad James reached out to us because that is why we are here. We very specifically want to give Veterans support when we can because we all deserve something nice.

Thank you for this gear!
My medical bills have made it difficult for my wife and I to do fun activities, but now that we have a console, we can play games together without worrying about the cost. This is exactly what we needed.
I really appreciate it!

You're very welcome, James.

SoccerChickTV sponsored James' Supply Crate. This is SoccerChickTV's first Supply Crate sponsorship. We thank her and her followers for their support. SoccerChickTV is no longer streaming, but we are really glad she gave fundraising for Stack Up a go.

Dare to do good. Sponsor a Supply Crate by raising $1k for Stack Up. Hit the button below to get started.

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