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Supply Crate – James

Next month we go back to doing Supply Crate updates twice a week. Until then, here's our latest Supply Crate update for the month of August. This crate went out to James, who does mail pick up for hundreds of people, and wanted a care package for himself and the folks he works with. As he told us in his request:

We work closely with our squadron commander on over 20 programs ensuring that everybody else in our squadron has everything they need to get the job done and our 20 fighter jets flying. One of the most important being picking up mail for over 500 people, totaling roughly 20,000 pounds every week. I know that making mail available to everyone raises their morale and receiving a crate of our own would do the same for us.

We hope James likes mail!

Of course, we remember what it was like to be out there, deployed or on a ship, and hoping to get a nice piece of mail or a care package to surprise us. So we packed up and shipped out a nice Nintendo Switch for James and his crew. James received the Supply Crate, and he told us the following:

Thank you for the crate! We're all coming up on the end of our rotation and it's certainly lifted our spirits and is gonna make the last few months more enjoyable. Even our commander was talking about hooking it up in the conference room for some cutthroat Mario Kart. Thanks again!

That's a very happy expression, James, and we are glad to see it. We hope James and his squadron have as much fun as possible destroying one another at Mario Kart.

KidneyCowboy held a really great birthday fundraiser this year for Stack Up and sponsored this Supply Crate. It was a sight to see on social media, and we hope you will check out his Twitch channel and thank him for all he does or become a fan!

Want to help support our troops and Veterans? Find out about all of our volunteer opportunities and other ways to help Stack Up meet our mission. Just tap the big red button below, and you'll find that we have many ways available to help us out.

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