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Supply Crate – James

Today's update came from James, an Active Duty servicemember who is deployed with his unit. Their Nintendo Switch broke, and now James and his unit don't have a console to play on, as he told us in his request:

My name is SSG James [redacted] and myself and my unit are currently deployed. I am trying to bring a bit of morale to the unit by bring a console or a game that we can use while we are on site as we pull 24 hour shifts at a time until we are needed to defend our assets. So as busy as we are we are sometimes awarded with down time, in which the Soldiers use to play multiplayer games, normally on the switch or a small console. Ours broke in the midst of some chaos and was stepped on and broke while on the way out of our building we used. Understandably you might not be able to provide a switch but anything you can provide to bring morale to our group of soldiers would be very much appreciated

Broken console? No problem. Stack Up is on our way to help. (Not literally, but by shipping a console with some games.) James messaged us to let us know what a big help the new console is.

Just wanted to thank you guys so much. We had something really special come from the blessing you provided. Not only are we able to build unit cohesion. But we had one of our guys whose switch broke in transition, but because of you guys he can still play games with his son. Secondly everyone else can still play together on various other games as well. Thank you for your service, and for what you do for us.

Thanks, James! We're glad we could help not only with morale but also help someone connect with family.

LucidFaith sponsored this Supply Crate. Want to learn more about LucidFaith? Visit his Twitch channel.

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