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Supply Crate – SEAL Team One

We got to do a pretty cool Supply Crate delivery thanks to a request regarding a SEAL team.

We are a forward deploying command who supplies, trains and equips seal teams. This console will be a gift to one lucky raffle winner at our command during our holiday party

Now the thing about sending a Supply Crate to the SEALs is that we can't show too much of the base or the recipients. Steve, our Executive Director took the chance to hand deliver this gaming care package himself and was allowed some very curated photos.

They also gave a Steve a cool hat he can wear out and about. Steve spends a lot of time at the gym so he designated it as his gym hat.

This Supply Crate was sponsored by Sgt_Jackson12. Sgt_Jackson12 is an Army combat Veteran who cares about the mental health of other Veterans and uses gaming to fight his own PTSD. He's done some pretty great fundraisers for Stack Up. Check out his Kick channel.

We need your help to meet our goals for the Call to Arms! Donate or fundraise today by hitting the button below so we can keep delivering Supply Crates to Veterans and Active Military members.

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