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Supply Crate – Hites

Its that time again, we want to introduce you to our latest Supply Crate recipient. Meet Corporal Hites, a veteran who works for the SUNY Fredonia Veterans Affairs Office and Lounge. Hites thought it would be a great idea to apply for a crate so that he could use the contents for the veterans who use the facility. We’ll let Hites tell you more about it:

The SUNY Fredonia Veterans Affairs office and lounge supports all service members and family members receiving some type of VA related education benefit. Disabled veterans, chapter 31, 33 or GI Bill Recipients all have access to the lounge. Note the number given for “how many we want to support” is a reference based on the current number of students registered. The lounge sees 5-10 people per day and is open 7-9 and the Veterans affairs office is open 8 – 4:30 every day. A PlayStation OR Xbox is acceptable, we only have 1 TV in the lounge.

1 TV is all you need, We’ll supply you with the rest. Stand by Hites, you’ve got an incredible Supply Crate delivery headed your way!

Thank you! Heavy drop on station and operating, operationally as of 1350 hrs. It’s finals week so I’m trying to get the guys together for a pic.

Study hard soldiers, that way you can play all the games you’d like. We are glad to hear that everything is working and operational. Let us know if there is anything more we could do for you. Game on guys!

These crates go to help any active duty service member or veteran in need. If you would like to help us find our next deserving candidate for our program, then please fill out a form by clicking on the banner below because It helps us a lot.

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