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Supply Crate – Chrispus

Chrispus requested a Supply Crate to help him cope with his PTSD.

I spent 20 years in the military as a soldier, one of those years I spent in Vietnam. I have served my country well. I have PTSD and it has effects on life and family, due to the support of my family I have learn to continue with life.

How does gaming help with PTSD? As an outlet, it offers Veterans a way to cope by offering an escape from traumatic memories and invasive thoughts. Games also have clear objectives and goals and completing those objectives and goals can provide a sense of purpose which can help with the mental state of a person struggling with PTSD. Isolation is often a major symptom of worsening mental health for Veterans with PTSD and gaming can help by giving Veterans a way to bond with other Veterans, friends, and family.

Hello Mr. Ian,
Attached is the pictures as requested, I sending this on behalf of my husband since he’s not feeling well.
Chrispus A Howard

Thanks to Chrispus' wife for sending us a response.

MagicMarther sponsored Chrispus' Supply Crate. MagicMarther is a variety streamer who enjoys FPS and RPG games. Check out MagicMarther on Twitch.

Hit the button below to support Veterans' mental health through the power of gaming this Military Appreciation Month!

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