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Supply Crate – GeLisa

Serving in the Military comes with its ups and downs and often, at times, can be a difficult endeavor for our troops with everything they have to face.

Today's update came from Army servicemember GeLisa who has been through her own course of ups and downs in the Military. Despite it all, she's worked hard to prove she deserves to be where she is at today.

I have been in the US Army since 2007 (age 17), this is my second deployment away from my family. I am a single mom of 3 kids who during the pandemic was able to finish college despite the financial hardship and strain placed upon my family. I was promoted to CPL and then SGT within the same year because of hard work and determination. I believe I make a good candidate because I have over come the odds stacked against me and I am on another deployment during my service time, something some service member cannot say.

Deployments aren't easy, especially when servicemembers have to be away from family. We are happy to help our servicemembers find a way to unwind in their off hours through gaming.

I have attached a few photos of me with my crate.. that i totally cried and jumped around in my office when i got my name called for mail and then again when i opened my box. I am just so grateful, and appreciative and dont know how else to say thank you! this isn't my first deployment but, it has been the toughest mission yet for me in the army. please let me know if there is a specific email i am suppose to send my photos too and i will resend them..... thanks again so much

Almost makes me want to go back and get a mail call with a surprise myself. We're glad GeLisa like the Supply Crate!

Lord_Zath sponsored GeLisa's, Supply Crate. Thanks to Lord_Zath and community for all of the hard work so that we could award this servicemember something nice. If you have the time, peruse Lord_Zath's Twitch channel. He plays some World of Warships if that's something you're interested in!

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