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Supply Crate – Gavin

Looks like we're in full gear for our Memorial Day Call to Arms fundraising. Great job this weekend, everyone.

Supply Crate recipient Gavin's mom sent this Supply Crate nomination in. He's fresh into the Military and not having the best of times, unfortunately, as she outlined in her request:

I am sending this message for my son. He is 18-years old and is at his duty station in Fort Hood. He has always been an amazing kid and he is away from home for the first time, ever. He joined the Army during his senior year of high school, graduated early & shipped off to basic training on fathers day! Two of the biggest challenges he's been dealt were his cat, Ninja (his best friend for 10 years) died 35 days after he left home. Also, his girlfriend decided to dump him right after his graduation from basic training. So far, he's been dealt a pretty crappy first few months of military life, unfortunately. The only thing he wants to help him get through this time & to feel like he's still connected to some of his friends back home is this new xbox console...the problem is I can't seem to get one no matter how many hours I dedicate to searching & waiting! This might be a long-shot but I am hoping that someone through this program might be able to help me! His name is Gavin. He's stationed at Fort Hood in Texas. Please let me know if you can help. I will pay for the console. Thank You so much. Elaine Price (mom)

While we will happily take donations, there's no need to pay for the console. That's what our Call to Arms fundraising is for. Thankfully, we got our hands on a large shipment of the Xbox Series S console, so we sent one out to this newly formed soldier.

Elaine returned to us with a short but sweet reply:

That's awesome! Thank You so much, that is so sweet! He will be so surprised.

Thanks to Gavin's mom, Elaine, for nominating him for a Supply Crate. Today's Supply Crate update is perfectly timed with Mother's Day yesterday. We hope to see more of them nominating their sons and daughters who are Active Duty and Veterans for a Supply Crate. OctagonRon supported this Supply Crate with a fundraiser. Please spread some joy to her if you can. We all need to be reminded of the good we do in the world once in a while.

Want to help Stack Up somehow but not sure how to get involved? We have a whole page dedicated to options. Just hit the button below to find out.

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