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Supply Crate – Dustin

14 airmen stand on a runway. Some are in military uniform. Some are in normal clothing.
You look like the cast of an ABC television show.

How is your week going so far? It's Wednesday, which means it's time for your Supply Crate Update. We sent this one out to Dustin and his unit overseas in Turkey. Dustin sent us the following information in his request:

Hello! My name is Dustin. I'm the superintendent at Incirlik Air Base, Turkey. Since the government coup in 2016, the installation has been on lockdown. Still classified a combat zone, Airmen on 12 month rotations here often struggle to keep their bodies and minds sharpened. Gaming is a great distraction and stress reliever but getting access to games and equipment is limited. I would love to work with you to setup a program for the wing here. I will be here through Fall 2021, so plenty of time to see what we can do.
As requested, a few photos from the unit. Here are some pictures of our personnel. I've also included a picture of our recent facility upgrade, our painted "runway" getting a refresh. Lastly, I included a picture of Radar, our squadron mascot.

We really want to hang out with Radar. Does he ever "fly" down the miniature runway? Well, we can at least help by getting some games, gaming gear, and a console out to your unit, Dustin. Dustin sent us the following reply after receiving his unit's Supply Crate:

Thank you so much for the great gear! My team is extremely excited to get the PS4 hooked up and going!
Big shout out to SnakeDoctor98… that was quite the box of goodies. You guys rock!

This Supply Crate has a PlayStation 4 with Stack Up T shirts. There are 14 games and PlayStation Accessories and a thank you note to SnakeDoctor98.

Thanks for contacting us, Dustin. We hope all the gamers in the unit have a great time keeping their minds sharpened with video games. Jedi Fallen Order has plenty of puzzles to enjoy.

Thanks go out to SnakeDoctor98, who goes by Snek_Playz now. Be sure to follow him and thank him for sponsoring this crate.

If you are interested in learning how you can help out, hit the button below. You can sign up to create a DonorDrive page and fundraise at this link. Let's get going for Call to Arms 2021.

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