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Supply Crate – Drew

Today's Supply Crate update is going to be a shorter one. In fact, a few of this week's Supply Crates are shorter as recipients sent us photo replies and no text.

Drew is deployed to Kuwait and wanted to boost morale after some of the soldiers immediately caught COVID:

We just recently got to Kuwait and about 12 of our soldiers immediately got Covid. This really put stress on our soldiers that had to work double the amount. I thought this would be a great way to build team cohesion as well as morale.

COVID is a rough thing to catch. We can only imagine what our soldiers have to go through when they catch it and recover. Thankfully, video games are lowkey and easy to get into.

ct_jasper_ sponsored Drew and his crew's Supply Crate. (Yes, we rhymed, what about it?) You can find ct_jasper_ on Twitch.

You get a +3 cool stat if you sign up for the Call to Arms. We make it easy; sign up for a DonorDrive fundraising page by hitting the button below.

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