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Supply Crate – Donte

In our opinion, the best leaders in the Military are the ones who see a way to fill morale in a way that meets servicemembers where they're at. There is plenty of Active Duty personnel who enjoy video games, and Donte recognized that the Airmen in his unit could use a new console to bring them together:

I am the Unit's First Sergeant of the Communications Squadron for this current deployment rotation. We are nerds at heart and love to compete with Video Games (Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart, Sports and 1st Person Shooter games) These kind of events help boost the morale of the Airmen in my unit. Majority of my unit is away from their families and friends for the first time and they sometimes get secluded and stay in their rooms. By having a Supply Crate deliver to this unit, could be an opportunity for our unit to come together more during free time. I would like to make future events more welcome to attend than forced. We do have access to WiFi as well in case their are any games that may require Internet for updates or DLCs.

Bringing together our troops in fun is one of our goals! We happened to have a couple of consoles lying around the Stack Up warehouse, so we went ahead and sent Donte and his unit one of them.

To whom it may concern,
We have received the Stack Up package and we are more than thankful for what you've provided to us. This will not go unnoticed.
Please see attached photo of the game console, games and t-shirts that we received from Stack Up.
Thank you,

We're glad it reached you safely, Donte!

ChibiKageVT sponsored Donte's Supply Crate. ChibiKageVT is a Vtuber, and if you're looking for new Vtubers to check out, here's the Twitch channel you're looking for.

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