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Supply Crate – Devon

Today's Supply Crate update came from Devon, who wanted to share his love of gaming with his daughter.

Hello! I’m a disabled and retired Army Veteran that recently got 50% custody of my daughter. I would like to get a console that I could play on with her to teach her about video games and show her just a little bit of why I like them so much and the joy that can be found in them. Unfortunately, I don’t own a console that we could use together anymore. I think she’d really enjoy Nintendo games, but I’m not sure what split-screen capability is like compared to the Xbox.

There's nothing better than sharing a love of gaming with others. Whether that's friends, family, or even coworkers. In Devon's case, we had to ensure this next generation of kids knows what gaming is all about. We sent Devon a Nintendo Switch and some games.

Just wanted to say thank you so much to you and Logitech Gaming for the crate! I grew up on Smash Bros. for the Gamecube, so it seems almost fitting that I can teach my daughter about how fun video games can be with its modern day counterpart!
She's extremely excited! As soon as the mail got here today, it was off to Granny's house to open it up and snap some pictures 😂
Gonna hook it up at my house tomorrow and show her how we do! 😂
Thanks so much for doing what you do!!
Devon "ItsThatGuyWeeb" Bruce

Let's get this kid gaming. Whether she loves it or not, she'll form some great memories playing with her Veteran dad.

Logitech sponsored Devon's Supply Crate. LogitechG held a series of fundraisers with some of our staff and other guests, raising enough to fund a couple of Supply Crates sent out to Veterans looking to get newer consoles. They've been a great ally to Stack Up, and we thank them for all they've done, whether that's fundraising or providing gear for giveaways.

The time to fundraise or donate is now! Veterans Day is tomorrow. We'll be hosting the Stack Up Call to Arms LIVE event on the Stack Up Twitch channel. Can't attend the event but want to make a contribution? Hit the button below and make a donation.

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