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Supply Crate – Derek

Derek's unit stands in formation in Army uniform inside of a circle made of white rocks. They are in the desert.
Is this the desert equivalent of crop circles?

Our Call to Arms Spring event is live! For everyone doing Call to Arms fundraisers, this is what the fundraising is for. So that Stack Up can send more Supply Crates out to actively deployed military overseas and our veterans here at home. As well as our Allied veterans and service members.

This Supply Crate update is about Derek and his unit overseas. Derek sent us the following about him, his unit, and what they do in the following quote:

SSgt Derek Miller takes a selfie from his car. He is in Army uniform.

My name is SSgt Derek Miller I’m a Munitions Inspector. My team and I are responsible for inspecting, maintaining, and shipping any and all explosive assets across our AOR. With that we are on duty 12-18 hours a day 7 days a week and are geographically separated from main base due to the nature and volatility of our mission. I believe we would benefit greatly from one of your amazing supply crates due to the fact that we have no access to any activities to take our mind off the mission. Your supply crates seem to be the perfect fit so we could escape during our breaks and also use it for fun team building, as well as just a morale boost. We appreciate any help you are able to provide.

Derek holds a flag that says "Ammo" under a banner that says "Start Dancon". There are cars around him. He seems to be in a desert parking lot.
Is this the starting line of something new?

Thanks to Aungelecette's fundraiser during Call to Arms V, we put together a Supply Crate to send out to Derek and his unit. Now they can game in their downtime and work on their camaraderie. After getting the crate, Derek sent us the following:

3 Army soldiers sit on a couch with the Stack Up Supply Crate open next to them. They have a new Nintendo Switch, several games, a headset, and extra Nintendo Switch controller. One of the soldiers hold up a Thank You note for Aungelecette.
Alright, who gets to play first?
I just received the package that was sent by Stack Up today. Everyone was super excited and anxious to see what we received. We have already charged everything and are going to be putting these items to use during what we call “Family Game Nights”. LOL
I have attached a photo for you to share with the donor to show our appreciation for everything!

A Stack Up T-shirt in Army green sits on the yellow lid of the Supply Crate. with 6 Nintendo Switch video games below it. The games are Animal Crossing, Mario Kart 8, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the WIld, Sports Party, Pokemon Shield, and Fifa 19.
Which game should get played first?

Have fun during those game nights with the unit, Derek! We have our own game nights in the Stack Up discord as well. Maybe we should start calling them "Family Game Nights"?

Thank you to everyone that participates in our Call to Arms events. The Call to Arms VI May event is happening now. It is never too late to join up and get a DonorDrive page started and get to streaming and fundraising.

If you want to help Stack Up's mission in other ways, clicking the big red button below will take you to our page with information on all the different programs and other actions you can take.

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