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Took a little while, but our February DUAL WIELD II supply crate has come up for air at Bagram Air Field in Afghanistan with Anthony and his company of Apache pilots and maintainers!

Here is Anthony’s original request:

Greetings! My name is Anthony and I’m currently serving in the Active Duty Army with 4th Combat Aviation Brigade, 4th Infantry Division…. I am a Maintenance Test Pilot for the AH-64D, and the gamers in my company consist of AH-64D Crew Chiefs, armament personnel, and various other pilot types. 

We have a large group of gamers in our company with interests varying from your standard Call of Duty, Halo, and Battlefield types, to Magic the Gathering nerds like myself and half a dozen others. We’re even talking about trying to put together a Dungeons and Dragons group for our QRF teams that will most likely spend copious amounts of time sitting around on shift listening to a radio and waiting for the call. Anything that doesn’t require an internet connection, or will allow for multiplayer split screen would be awesome.

I’m sure the guys would be elated to receive anything to engage their minds during down time. Card games, board games, you name it. I haven’t talked to anyone else in our company about this program yet, but I’m sure if you end up sending us anything it would be cherished and put to good use.

Thanks for everything you guys are doing, and regardless of whether or not we are selected you will still be awesome in my eyes.

So as per usual, we boxed up the latest and greatest in games and gear and sent it all out to Anthony and his crew; here was his response!

Myself and a fair amount of my Warrant Officer and Enlisted brothers and sisters in my company have had multiple deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq (2 to Iraq and 1 to Afghanistan myself), and while we have all had various types of awesome care packages delivered to us over the years with toiletries, tobacco, and tasty treats… I’m pretty sure that none of us have ever experienced anything quite like a Stack-Up Supply Crate.

Here are a few pictures to get the ball rolling. Like I said we’re trying to get something together special with a thank you sign in front of our aircraft as well. Going to take a few days to arrange that. We’d also like to send you a flag flown in both an AH-64D and an HH-60M MEDEVAC aircraft on a combat mission in Afghanistan as well. You guys are doing some amazing things. When we get our game room cleaned up and get everything set up and organized we will get some pictures of guys playing as well.

If you’d like to help Stack-Up do its mission of supporting US, NATO and ANZAC troopers with the power of gaming, there are a multitude of ways to do so. However, right now, our focus is our big fundraising event, the Stack-Up “Call to Arms” 24-hour gaming marathon on May 7th. Simply sign up here, clear your calendar for May 7th and ask your friends and family to sponsor you for every hour you play for the troops! Much like those other charity walk-a-thons, but with a whole lot more video gaming! This gives you a perfect opportunity to clear out your video gaming backlog AND support charity? What’s not to love?

Click the banner to get signed up, and let’s get after helping troops with gaming!

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