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Supply Crate – David

Seeing the armed forces take suicide prevention seriously is something we would like to see more of. In today's Supply Crate update, David is an LPO in charge of suicide prevention. He requested a Supply Crate as a means of uplifting morale for his Navy division.

I am the LPO of the 12c shop, the suicide prevention officer of the command. i have been getting donations from other non profits and dispersing them through the command

Well, we definitely have to be among those nonprofits helping out our sailors. We sent David a Supply Crate, and he sent us the following reply:

I just received my supply crate and wanted to thank you all so much!!! It is awesome!!!! I won’t be able to send a photo until we hit port, but as soon as we do I will send it. Thank you again!!

Good sailing out there!

MingoBoys sponsored David's Supply Crate. Thanks to him and his community, we were able to send out this gaming care package to our troops at sea. If you have a chance to swing by his Twitch channel and let him know you learned about him through Stack Up, please do.

Want to help us support more deployed troops and Veterans? Hit the button below to sign up for a DonorDrive page!

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