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Supply Crate – Daniel

What happens when a streamer fundraising for Stack Up reaches $1000 on their fundraising goal? They get to sponsor a Supply Crate. Our Supply Crates are gaming care packages we send out to Veterans and deployed Active Duty Military members. Over Stack Up's six years in operation, we've provided more than 1,000 Supply Crates to Veterans and Deployed units. While console supply is currently difficult to obtain, we've been fighting hard to get as much as we can and powering through with your help!

Let's get to today's Supply Crate update. Daniel is part of an Air Force unit seeking to increase morale through gaming.

Working out in 120° weather day and night keeping equipment and people cool. We're hot so they don't have to be lol. Our shop was working at 60% manning. We had a number of folks go home for emergency reasons. Due to such low manning and decreased capabilities we've had to reach out to other shops for support as well as some army individuals. Our guys work so hard evey day, I know they'd love ta get some cool stuff/play some game. Having a gaming console in the shop would improve moral for years to come.. Thank you for your consideration


Thank you, Daniel, for submitting a Supply Crate nomination. Dave at the warehouse put together this PS4 crate for Daniel and his unit.

Thank you so soo much for the supply crate! The guys love it!

May Daniel and his fellow gamers have plenty of fun in the shop! This supply crate was sponsored by SigmaLP. Thank you to SigmaLP and the community of donors that helped make this happen!

Thinking about helping Stack Up out? You can get started on your 2022 DonorDrive page, or you can hit that red button below and navigate to our How to Help page to learn about all of our awesome volunteer opportunities.

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