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Supply Crate – Daniel

Critically caring for a critical care unit.

Happy middle of the week, everyone! We hope you're all out there gaming in your free time and doing well. We've got a Supply Crate update ready to go. This crate's request came from Daniel, a critical care nurse stationed overseas during the pandemic. When requesting a crate Daniel told us:

Yes, nurse? Oh, nice game.
I am a critical care nurse currently deployed with a field hospital unit to the Middle East. My unit is made up of Army reservists primarily from Florida but also with some soldiers from New York and a few other places. Due to Covid-19, all of the recreation facilities on post including the gym have been closed negatively affecting morale and soldier’s ability to relax for a bit. Also along with this, we have had to pick up many additional duties outside of the hospital as many of the contractors that provide support services on base are unable to get on post due to the virus. This has really hit many of the soldiers hard who would normally rely on time at the gym or grabbing a break at the USO to get some relief from the stress of our jobs. I have been looking for ways to encourage these soldiers and came across your website as a potential way to help out.

We smiled too.

The pandemic has been tough to get through. It has created all kinds of restrictions surrounding free time and movement for our active-duty military out there. We know from getting through 2020 that videogames have been a major lifesaver for people in our community. We're glad Daniel found us so we could get some morale aid out there to his unit. After receiving the Supply Crate, Daniel told us the following:

Nice smile. :)
Thank you very much for the supply crate with games and PS4. It is greatly appreciated with during this time with Covid. All of the normal activities to relieve stress including the gyms have been closed for months so having some games to relax for a bit is great. These are just some of the soldiers we were able to distribute the items to in my unit.

Thanks for wearing masks guys!

Hopefully, those games and the console will keep Daniel and his unit occupied while they cannot go to the gym. Thanks, Daniel, for finding us and requesting a Supply Crate.

This crate went out to this critical care unit with the help of Galga. Learn more about Stack Up by hitting the button below or exploring any of the tabs at the top.

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