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Supply Crate – Christopherlee

Soldiers continue to be deployed around the world. The Stack Up mission will continue so long as our Military personnel and Veterans continue to struggle with their mental health.

Today's Supply Crate update comes from Christopherlee, who requested a console and games for his unit deployed with the Army.

We're a maintenance squad serving in a ADA BTRY, for the fact that we're not operators we get looked over a lot. I wanted to show my guys that there are people who know how rough we have it out here.

We're never forgetting around here. So long as our troops continue to reach out for morale and support, we're going to do our best to help. We sent Christopherlee and his unit a Supply Crate. Rather than reply with words, he sent us some photos.

We hope everyone in his unit enjoys some gaming! Pinny88, a wonderful supporter of Stack Up, sponsored Christopherlee's, Supply Crate. You should check out her channel and the rest of Team GamingFOBS, who have been fundraising for Stack Up and are currently in our top 10 DonorDrive teams.

We're one month away from the end of the year to meet our goal of $600k. Help us get there by holding a fundraiser or donating.

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