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Supply Crate – Chris

Welcome in for another Supply Crate update. If you are new here, this is a post telling people about replies to our Supply Crates program that happened within the last 4-6 months. In today's Supply Crate update, Air Force Veteran Chris requested a Supply Crate in order to get a gaming console to help him connect with his son.

To continue to repair and enhance my relationship with my son.  I spent most of his early years away due to serving as an Air Force first sergeant. I witnessed horrific tragedies as a result of my deployment time and in garrison involvement with special operations units. My son and I have a special bond when it comes to gaming. It would only help me recover more from PTS and strengthen our relationship.

One of the toughest parts of being in the Military is losing time with our loved ones. Deployments take us away from our families into danger. All the while life continues for those we care about. This takes away from bonding with family.

Video games can help with that bond by offering a fun activity with others. We sent off a Nintendo Switch to Chris because some of the best family games are on the Nintendo console.

To the Stack Up Team and GigiBunny972,
My family and I are forever grateful for the Nintendo Switch Supply Crate.  Being a kid of the 80s, video games shaped my upbringing and have been a large part of many great memories between friends, cousins and especially my late brother, Lance Corporal Adam Jachimiec.  The brotherly love built out of warring with him on SNES and Nintendo 64 classics like Smash Brothers, Mario Kart and the time we’d spend figuring out Hyrule simply brought us closer.  I can only hope to do the same for my son and daughter.  
This Supply Crate came  at a critical time for this retired Air Force First Sergeant and wounded warrior.  It will allow this Gold Star Family that lost their brother and uncle to suicide almost six years ago.
With that, I wish Adam had access to a program such as Stack Ups Overwatch initiative when he was alive.  With my work among suicide prevention organizations and those who support survivors, peer to peer based programs offer unique opportunities to save lives between bonds of lived experience.  Stack Ups Overwatch program is very unique in this regard and serves as a standard for other organizations to emulate.
Forever grateful,
The Jachimiec Family

We're sorry for the loss of Adam. We hope we can continue to be there for other Veterans like him.

GigiBunny972 sponsored Chris' Supply Crate. Her support and that of her community who helped her fundraise allowed us to support Chris and other Veterans like him through our programs bring gaming to Veterans. Thanks to GigiBunny972 and thanks to her community. GigiBunny972 seems to no longer be streaming, but we wish her well on her endeavors.

If you're interested in dedicating a little time out of your year in 2024 to a charitable cause, hit the button below to sign up to fundraise. Or check out the rest of our website and learn more about how you can help today.

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han gu
han gu
Jun 07

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