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Supply Crate – Brett

First-time deployments can be nerve-wracking because you never truly know what to expect until you've experienced it. One of the problems that can come up is being woefully unprepared for the toll deployments can take on your mental health, especially if you don't have enough to take your mind off of things. Brett recognized that a majority of his unit would need something to help destress during their first deployment:

We are a unit of mostly young soldiers and for 95% of our formation this is their first deployment and their first time away from their families. Any deployment is stressful but it is especially bad when you have few member with experience to lean on. For me this is my 4th deployment and I know how much little comforts can make it more tolerable.

Brett has obviously experienced a good number of deployments and knows what can help. We were happy to help him out with that with a gaming care package for him to share with his unit.

This little Octo-plushie is the closest these guys are getting to having a pet while on deployment.

Sorry about the photo quality on some of these, however, I have included a group photo from our PAO guy who is a much better photographer than me.
SGT Brett

Thanks for that, Brett! Hopefully, you and your unit have a great time gaming during your off hours.

The_Nathan_V sponsored Brett's Supply Crate. Thanks for raising the funds to support Brett and his unit. If you've never heard of The_Nathan_V, check him out on Twitch.

Answering the Call to Arms can be as simple as getting the word out about Stack Up. What helps us even more? Donations and fundraising. Every dollar contributes to our mission of supporting Veteran mental health through gaming!

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