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Supply Crate – Anthony

Let's just hop into this week's first Supply Crate, shall we? Today's update came from Executive Officer Anthony, who wanted a console for his unit because he didn't want to continue risking the personal consoles of his soldiers.

Hello! I am the executive officer for Delta Battery. I tried getting a communal fund together to pitch in and buy consoles and games for the Soldiers to use but someone told me about this website. I know our Soldiers would benefit from this because we have three crews that rotate on 24 hour shifts, with the rest of the battery working either every day or on night shifts to beat the heat. Many of our Soldiers play video games and the few Soldiers who have brought their Switch on site have said that the crew tournaments they got going on were a welcome break from day to day operations. Right now, the only times our crews get a chance to wind down are if someone brings their personal console to site. We'd like to avoid people assuming that personal risk if possible. If you can't support this request, I appreciate the time spent reading it at least. Thank you and I am glad to hear there are organizations doing awesome things like this for deployed Soldiers!

Good looking out, Anthony. While it's great that our troops want to share their consoles at great risk to have fun with their brothers-in-arms, it's even better when they have a console that belongs to everyone. This was an easy yes to a request, so we put together a gaming care package and sent it off.

Good evening sir,
I apologize for getting these to you so late, we actually received the package about a week ago!
Our Soldiers have already made use of it, during the evening hours on shift each crew has had at least a couple of hours every night to unwind and play some video games. Madden has been the most popular so far. We’ve already seen a noticeable improvement in morale. Can’t thank you and our sponsor enough for helping us lift their spirits!

Glad to know the console is being put to good use!

Swizzel_ sponsored the Supply Crate sent out to Delta Battery. Thanks go out to Swizzel_ and community for raising funds to send out yet another gaming care package to some of our deployed troops. Find Swizzel_ on Twitch.

Do you have what it takes to fundraise and potentially sponsor a Supply Crate? Hit the button below to get started:

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