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Supply Crate – Anthony

Anthony has always enjoyed gaming and requested a Supply Crate to get one of the latest of consoles.

I'm a veteran that grew up gaming and have loved it since I was a kid playing Mario. After four combat deployments(3 - Iraq, 1- Afghanistan) I use gaming as a way to cope and disconnect from the stress of everyday life. It has brought me closer to friends and I would to continue my passion.

Four combat deployments are more than many Veterans experience. More and more Veterans are gaming and gaming with friends, and we're happy to help them continue that as we can. It looks like Anthony is a part of REGIMENT, so getting him the latest console will be great for helping him continue to game with the Vets in their community.

Please see the attached photos and let me know if you need anything else. Thank you guys for everything you do.
Semper Fi
Anthony Wilder

Semper Fi, Anthony, and game on!

MoiDawg, a fantastic and longtime supporter of Stack Up, sponsored Anthony's Supply Crate. We think he's a pretty cool streamer. He's been playing games like Squad and Foxhole if you are looking for a channel to watch. Check him out on Twitch.

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