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Supply Crate – Andreas

Some of us have been deployed to areas that feel like they're in the middle of nowhere, with the nearest entertainment hours away. Leaving plenty of empty time to dread the next mission, the next task, or other anxiety-inducing problems. Sometimes getting through a long day requires something to take the mind off it.

That's where our Supply Crates come in. Andreas requested a Supply Crate for his unit to keep them busy in their downtime.

Currently have Soldiers in theatre in multiple locations with minimal to no entertainment after work hours. Some locations have poor internet where streaming Netflix or other video platforms is not possible. Video games will help time go by and get soldiers minds to relax.

Sounds a lot like our troops could use some gaming. We got that handled with a shiny new console.

I am happy to report that we have received the crate, I decided to hand it to our maintenance personnel that are working hard and long hours making sure all of our equipment is up and running properly so that we can properly execute our missions in [redacted]. With hard works must come with some relaxation time, your donation and support will give them the break and piece of mind they need. Thank you again for your generosity and support towards deployed soldiers in harms way.

Sounds like the console will be put to good use! We hope these troops enjoy it.

JustSpike sponsored Andreas' unit's Supply Crate. JustSpike has sponsored multiple Supply Crates, and for that continued support, we thank him and his community for their tremendous efforts. Check out his Twitch channel.

You can be as cool as JustSpike by signing up to fundraise and sponsoring a Supply Crate to send to a Veteran or Active Duty unit. Answer the Call to Arms by hitting the button below.

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