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Supply Crate – Alex

Alex is part of a Blackhawk Assault/MEDEVAC crew whose morale needed a boost so he threw us a Supply Crate request in the hopes of giving them something to look forward to:

We are a small group of Blackhawk Assault/MEDEVAC crews currently deployed in Iraq. Due to recent events, alot of our morale support has been cut. We are looking for any donations to keep they guys head in the game. Anything would be greatly appreciated and loved. We would pass the items to the next group coming to replace us!

We love ensuring our deployed troops have something to look forward to after long days working in hazardous conditions. As long as the console lasts, it could provide hundreds of soldiers some peace after long work days. We sent Alex a console and he sent us some awesome photos and a flag from his task force. This is now one of our proudest possessions.

Couple pictures attached. Thank you guys so much the guys are ecstatic! Included master chief for some game reference 😂

Thanks for the excellent photos, Alex.

Cowboy_Chuck sponsored Alex's Supply Crate. He's a Veteran who supports Veterans and other organizations who support Veterans through gaming. Check out his channel on Twitch.

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