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Supply Crate – Albert

When we receive requests, we learn so much about the different people out there serving/who served, and it's always interesting getting to know who is out there. In today's Supply Crate update, we received a request from a Chaplain deployed overseas who understands the importance of his deployed unit's morale:

My name is Chaplain Albert A. and I am the battalion chaplain for a 9 month deployment in Iraq. We have a lot of young and first time deployed soldiers who are missing home and in need of doing something fun before you loss hope. As a Chaplain one of my jobs is to make sure morale is high and soldiers are enjoying themselves. We don't have a lot of resources here and I have some soldiers who are in remote areas without nothing to support or keep them going. With your support, Soldiers will be able to play video games and enjoy some free time to make the 9 months go smooth. Thank you for what you do and blessings to your ministry.

Thank you! We're grateful that we get to serve our deployed servicemembers in our way. It makes us happy to see someone recognize how gaming can help them maintain morale, especially when deployed to remote areas. Everyone has their ways of coping, and for us, gaming is an important part of that.

Thank you so much. We received our stack order today and is such a blessing. I have attached some of the pictures with soldiers holding the games and console. They were so happy to have that console and to be used.
This video game system will be used by soldiers to decompress after having a hard working day at work. This is the first video game system they will be able to use to play games since being here over 2 months. It will boost morale and soldiers will know that there are people who care about their well-being.
Again, thank you very much for this gift that you have given our soldiers.

We're happy to help, Albert.

TurtlePigProductions sponsored the Supply Crate sent out to Albert and his unit. Thanks for fundraising and answering the Call to Arms. Please check out his Twitch channel.

We're ready 24/7/365 to answer the Call to Arms and serve Veteran and Deployed troops' mental health. Are you? Hit the button below to get started.

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