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Supply Crate – Abraham

Jessica put in a Supply Crate request for her husband Abraham, in the hopes of putting a smile on his face.

Hello my name is Jessica. I am requesting a supply crate for my husband. He is much too prideful to ask for anything for himself. I believe he deserves it though. He is the most hard working man I have ever met. Abraham has put everyone above himself, especially his family and fellow soldiers. He has been through hell and back since being in the army but continues to push himself. He’s always been the type to hide his feelings, but I knows he’s been through hurt and pain. I believe a gift like this would put a huge smile on his face and keep him sane on his next destination. It would impact his life immensely and provide him with a well deserved distraction. Thank you for consideration.

Sounds like a new console and games would be much deserved. We considered the request and knew we had to fulfill it so we shipped it out to Abraham.

We want to give a big thank you!! He was so excited and will be taking it with him on his next deployment coming up!

Good luck on Abraham's next deployment.

Shamelesshippie__ is a Marine Corps Veteran who fundraised to support this Supply Crate to support other Vets and Active Military. She can be found on Twitch.

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