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Supply Crate – Aaron

This search and rescue group needs a rescue from a lack of games.

Hello everyone! We hope you had a great weekend, whether you were gaming, hanging out with us, or anything else you were up to. Here's another Supply Crate report to start the week. Aaron, an active-duty serviceman overseas, requested this crate for the combat search and rescue group he is part of. In his request, Aaron said the following:

We are an elite rescue group comprising of HH-60 helicopter crews, C-130 crews, Pararescuemen, and support staff. We actually have ~200 in our unit but I didn't want to seem too greedy so I just put about 100 personnel that would likely use the donations that you would provide. We are stationed in Iraq and are responsible for Combat Search and Rescue operations in this region. Getting an awesome supply crate from you would greatly impact morale and welfare of our small rescue group. I love gaming as a 41 year old but did not bring anything here with me on this deployment and am missing it. My 4 kids are enjoying all the gaming at home in Colorado while I'm here in Iraq. Many others of my group are in the exact same boat and missing the gaming. Nintendo switches would be a priority for us here but am not picky and we would appreciate anything you would be willing to donate. Thank you so much.

Do a kickflip.

Nice skate ramp. Tony Hawk would probably be proud. Meanwhile, Stack Up is here with video games and consoles for our overseas active duty military. After getting a crate out to this search and rescue group, Aaron replied:

You guys rock!!! Due to Opsec, we didn’t get any pictures with close up face shots but there are/will be about 6-8 of us that play this Xbox on a regular basis. Thank you so much and this has just lifted the spirits and morale in our tent! Thank you much. Did not expect this awesome donation!!!!

It's a good day to game.

Thank you, Aaron, and thank all of your unit out there. You rock harder. We're glad we could do our own sort of rescue (of morale) through a crate of video games. Have fun and enjoy!

This crate was supported by the industrial efforts of Offworld Industries, the developers of Squad, a large-scale military MMO that is all about teamwork. Thank you for your support in getting these games out. To learn more about how to get involved with getting more crates out to units like Aaron's, just hit that big red button below and explore your options.

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