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Stream Team Spotlight: JonsAtWar

Another streamer that follows the code of community care in the Stream Team is JonsAtWar.

“I try to give people a place where they can be themselves and be accepted for who they are. I didn't get the opportunity to understand who I was growing up and throughout my military career,” Jons explained. “I also want to give people a place to relax and enjoy what's going on.”

I’m pleased to assure anyone checking his stream out for the first time that Jons is very successful with this connection.

For me, research is key. Up until the very end of last year, I was unable to catch Jons live. Vods helped me through this article up until then, and I’ll gladly report that there are plenty of positive notes that I’d like to cover here about his stream that are worth experiencing firsthand.

First, his connection with his supporters is at the top of the list. Within every vod, and I mean every single one, Jons converses with his chat. While it’s not entirely unlikely that he may read the chatter’s message in his head and respond thereafter, Jons will talk to them and help them feel welcome. This can be a challenge while he’s in the middle of a battle, adding stats to his characters or farming, for that matter, but Jons will get back to them, which is validating for those of us in the audience.

Validation takes hold on many forms as a streamer and in real life too. Beyond the cameras and creativity, the person Jons is helps build this chill space. From my own growth, being a parent can come in handy as we continue to extend ourselves past the people we were and into what we need to be. Jons' experience as a father of five gives him a unique edge in this endeavor.

Sliding into his chat feels a lot like being welcomed to his table. No matter what walk of life others are from initially, this place is one to feel surrounded with understanding and compassion.

As a streamer, Jons’ gameplay doesn’t differentiate from game to game or activity, for that matter. It was another feature I felt drawn to. His tone is even throughout. At the very most, I’ve heard how an issue would arise, but he’s able to stay in his comfortable space while he learns to get through whatever problem would challenge him. I’ve watched multiple uploads from Monster Hunter Stories 2 and 7 Days to Die to know this for a fact: I would not have the same control if monsters were coming after me. Also, on the stream I did get to sit in on, there was something I jotted down to be sure I didn’t miss reporting on: It was that he would take a second to remind those with medical situations, like epilepsy, to look away if his gameplay would showcase flashing of any kind. What might not be a thought to others that haven’t had to be around that lifestyle hits home for me, and I would like to personally thank JonsAtWar for those moments of mindfulness.

I do need to add that while his gameplay and demeanor are friendly towards viewers, I still do want to make note that some of this particular streamer’s played games may be more suited for more mature audiences. With that being said, he’s certainly someone to watch. JonsAtWar’s schedule is weekdays, excluding Wednesday, from 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm. Saturdays from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm and Sundays from 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm, all on pacific time. “My weekend streams can be found on the Stack Up channel too,” Jons explains with his top five favorite games to play are Beat Saber, 7 Days to Die, Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, Stardew Valley, and Legends of Dragoon.

Not all streams are for games, either. “My art streams are viewer redeemed, and they choose what I have to draw,” Jons added. I did have a moment to check this out. Being an artist myself, I found it to be a therapeutic activity. While I have yet to sit down to talk to Jons about this and his reasons for bringing it into his stream as a redeemable item, I have made notes for articles down the line to talk more about it. What I wanted to know most about now, besides his demeanor, happened to be his preferences for hardware and how he came to decide on making his debut.

As it turns out, Jons prefers the PC, saying, “The hardware is not as limiting as the console, and using a capture card can be a pain in the butt at times.”

In terms of why he got involved, Jons explained that he was inspired to stream by PatrckStatic. “He is such a kind, caring, and encouraging person. He and his community helped encourage me to start streaming and gaming with others,” he smiled. “The thing I enjoy the most about streaming is the community.”

“I find pride in the chaos that tends to take place,”

I’ve found that chaos brings fun for most streamers I’ve spoken to in the last six months about this. Chaos drives a new response, an energy that isn’t scripted or expected. It breathes life into the moment, of which the many representations of that same life are found in the audience. The ability to connect with it is exciting and, certainly, something to find pride in once the connection is made.

Within this organic space, JonsAtWar tells new streamers to give it a try. “You never know if you are gonna like it or not.”

“I do want to shout out to PatrckStatic, the guy who inspired me to start out on my own to do all of this. Also, the entire volunteer group that is the Stack Up Stream Team,” he noted, clearly moved by them all.

It’s rare to find such a space that gives this endless support and, furthermore, to help lift up individuals to keep reaching those in need. I’m glad we have you, JonsAtWar. To support Jons, please catch him on Twitch and follow him on TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube.

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