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Redshirt of the Month: July - eSkilliam

Letter from the Community Manager:

Whether you’ve been a part of our community for years, months, or just a few days, you’ve no doubt encountered our inaugural Redshirt of the Month, eSkilliam. He is a constant force of positivity and humor in our community. Our job here at Stack Up is important, and I’m honored to have the opportunity to contribute to the mission, but that does not mean every day is easy. And while he may not know it, eSkilliam has helped me personally just with his presence and incredible attitude. I am sure I am not the only one who can say that. It’s my pleasure to introduce the man behind the mayo, Will, aka eSkilliam!

Name: Will

Discord: eSkilliam

Former Navy Electronics technician with a love for gaming culture, graphic design, amateur radio, and Reds baseball. Level 42 with all the associated aches and pains. Find me as @eSkilliam on most social media and gaming platforms.

How long have you been a part of the Stack Up Community?

I feel like I joined the Discord in 2018. It may have been earlier, but that is when I started

interacting. I was a Discord noob, and I think I dropped in and out a few times at the beginning. I

learned more about the community and fell in love with the mission.

How did you first learn about Stack Up?

It had to have been either a search for military charities, or I got pulled in from a twitch stream.

Either way, I’m glad I did!

What does Stack Up mean to you?

Stack Up is the community I needed to get me through losing my dad to cancer. I had some

rough patches, and there was always someone there to give me company. I’ve lived where I do

for 15 years now, and between my work schedule and small town life, I’ve not made many IRL

friends. Even fewer prior military. Stack Up gives me a place to be around my people, vent, and

be the ear for others to vent to. It’s a give and take, and it becomes a very rewarding


Have you or someone you know ever used or benefitted from one of Stack Up's Programs?

Since a lot of the people I talk to are from the Stack Up Discord, a lot of people I know have

benefitted from Stack Up’s programs. It’s great to hear those experiences and follow the

process from streamers and fundraising to the asset collection to the final recipients. Stack Up is transparent about it all, and it’s fun to watch and interact with.

What is one thing you want people to know about Stack Up?

If you are Military or a Veteran and you are lonely… If you need an ear to vent to… If you are

having thoughts of harming yourself… Find someone to help. There are resources out there.

Stack Up is one of those resources. We also love food and gaming, so come hang out and chat

me up in the Discord! …And I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Mayonnaise at some point in this


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