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Red Shirt Raid at the Nintendo Store!

This past weekend on July 16th, members of The Stacks from all over the region and even the country convened in New York City. We had gathered for a special event at the Nintendo Store in Rockefeller Center. It was a fun filled afternoon of fun and games sprinkled with a dose of nostalgia. We knew we were in for a treat when right off the bat when Mario himself was waiting to greet us!


From there it was time for the Red Shirts to get some gaming on. The folks from Nintendo had various gaming kiosks set up for us to play at. The Stacks spent most of the afternoon playing the latest and greatest Switch and 3DS titles. This also included Arms and a special demo of Splatoon 2!

Red Shirts also took the opportunity to look over the store’s wealth of curios from the long history of Nintendo. One display case held all the major Nintendo consoles over the years. In another, Zelda promotional material and props from over the years captured your attention.

Another case held just a single blocky Gameboy almost charred beyond recognition. Amazingly,  upon closer inspection, it was still functional. A card included in the display explained that it had survived an explosion during the first Gulf War and was still operational. It was something that certainly resonated with the Red Shirts.

Members of The Stacks spent some time chatting amongst each other and using the opportunity to put faces to their internet friends. For many, it was a chance to meet people they have only spoke to on Discord. Anthony our San Fransisco Stack Leader even made the trip cross country to spend the day with his fellow Red Shirts!

Our host Mario was amazing and spent the day engaging with the Stacks.  Everyone enjoyed it especially the younger members of the families. Mario even got in on some of the games!

Of course, Mario also shares an affinity for a certain color of shirt!

We would also like to extend special thanks to Jarita Bridges and the rest of the staff at the Nintendo Store. You went above and beyond and truly made the day a memorable one for all of those involved!

Thanks to all of the Stack Members who came out as well. We hope everyone enjoyed the event and we look forward to more fun with our friends at Nintendo!


We also got some amazing video footage of the event! Make sure to check out the video below to see all the action from this amazing day!

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