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February 24th, 2016

We all know the stereo-type that folks have when it comes to the Gaming Community. Everyone outside of the community pictures overweight guys with fedoras and neckbeards playing in their mom’s basement and yelling at kids on Xbox. The flip-side to that is the view those inside the Community have, that we are all badass Night-Elfs, Orcs, Assassins, and Mages saving the infinite universes from the diabolical schemes of one villain after another. Here at Stack-Up, one of our local Stack’s not only disproved the misconception of folks outside the community but also empowered the morale of those inside the community.

You walk into a local tavern full of tough mercenaries, veterans, mysterious wizards, and hulking lizardmen, when the bartender leans forward with a smile and a hushed tone “My friend! Do you seek glory? Allies? Adventure? Then let me tell you a story”¦”


On Tuesday February 23rd a campaign of brave adventurers entered a dungeon braved by only the mightiest of parties”¦..Planet Fitness.  Their goal? To defeat the most ancient evil of all time, a terror so twisted it had haunted the entire realm for centuries, Stereotypes.


With each step the party’s tank, Andrew Rayner motivated the others to push forward regardless of the treadmill speed. As we all know, one must be well versed in many forms of travel especially continual long distance walking before becoming a master adventurer.

The party’s cleric Cassandra Rigsbee makes sure to stretch her back thoroughly. As any true adventure knows, a Healer’s ability to put the party on her back and carry them is a vital piece of dungeon exploration.

The young rogue Tony Potter worked his upper arms with a determined look in his eyes as he worked on raising his Dexterity stats one Chest Press at a time. We all have lost party members to the dreaded Crit Fail One; he vowed to never fail a disable trap skill check again.

Lastly, one powerful Lat Pull at a time took the party’s Paladin Sam Garrett one step closer to completing her Crusade. Through constant motivation and a strict refusal to leave a fellow adventurer behind, her Commanding shout kept the party morale at high levels.[trx_br]


The bartender leans back, taking a worn and tattered cloth to the tarnished glass like an old lover “You see my friend, each party member pushed themselves to overcome their own physical obstacle with the support of their fellow Stack members. With a strong motivational atmosphere and the encouragement of friends the Raleigh Stack not only proved that Gamers are active and healthy members of the Multiverse but also are one of the tightest families around. Whether you’re a Civilian, Active Duty, or Retired matters not as we all strive to rally around the same cry: Veterans are our Mission. Gaming is our Passion. Will you answer the Call to Arms and join an adventurer party yourself?”

Check out to find your adventuring party today!

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