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pittsburgh stack a busy weekend part 2

Sunday December 20, 2015

This past Sunday the Pittsburgh Stack headed out to join the 107th Field Artillery for their Family Christmas Party at the Park Inn. We did not come empty handed!

We brought with us Rock Band 4 by Harmonix and set up a nice play area for the kids to have some fun. It was a big hit with the little ones having a blast banging away on the drums and strumming the guitar!




Throughout the event we had the privilege of meeting the fantastic men and women of the 107th as well as their families. It truly was a special time making the kids happy with the power of gaming and chatting with such amazing people.

We didn’t stop there with spreading the holiday spirit! We also donated a PS4 system to the Family Readiness Group that was auctioned off to a lucky military family. We hope they enjoy it this Christmas!


Before we said our goodbyes, our fearless leader Capt Steve Machuga took time to say a few words to those gathered in attendance. We made new friends and put smiles on faces which is what the holidays are all about!


Thanks to the 107th Field Artillery for having us and thanks to Brittany and Jason Mascara for making the drive out and Stacking Up!

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