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PC Vetrofit Crate – Rachel

We often wonder who reads our Supply Crate and PC Vetrofit Crate updates, so if you're reading this and you want to let us know on social media, please do! Those of you reading are the real ones. Keep being awesome.

Rachel is a Marine Corps Veteran who wanted a PC Vetrofit Crate to get a PC to game with because she feels isolated. Gaming to gain new friends may just be the solution to her isolation, as she told us in the following request:

I’m a 100% disabled Marine Corps veteran. I’ve lost my sense of purpose and community and don’t leave the house. Having additional games would enable me to come out of my isolation and make friends. It would also help me get out of my own head when I’m in a dark place and improve my mental health. I would love to share gaming with my friends and family and have them over to my house.

Rachel came to the right place because here at Stack Up, we believe in the power of gaming to help with mental health so much that it's part of our everyday here. Hopefully, a PC and some games can help Rachel connect. We also sent her some Xbox games because she also applied for a Supply Crate, and while we normally don't meet double requests, some special circumstances allowed us to supply both for her.

Thank you so much for the PC and all the games. I am truly humbled by the generosity. Receiving these will aid in my physical and mental health journeys. I will be able to connect with friends and family members more often and cherish the memories we can now make. Thank you.

May Rachel make all the new and wonderful gaming memories with friends and family as she can, along with plenty of new friends.

This PC Vetrofit Crate was sponsored by TheLoyalPatriot and SimplyHeidi. TheLoyalPatriot has been a longtime ally of Stack Up, helping to supply us with PCs. SimplyHeidi held her first charity stream last year and raised $1000 for a Supply Crate.

Think you have what it takes to help Stack Up meet our mission of helping Veterans and Active Military members through the power of gaming? Hit the button below and find out all of the different ways you can get involved today.

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