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PC Vetrofit Crate – Lindsay

One of the things about writing up these updates is that once in a while, we see some of the more intense struggles that our Veterans have lived through. For all of you out there struggling to the max, we hope you'll keep us in mind whenever you need us. Today's update comes from Army Veteran Lindsay, who was looking into getting a PC and learned about our programs:

My name is Lindsay. I am a medically retired Army medic. My husband and I served dual military at Fort Carson Colorado Springs. Unfortunately after a hard deployment my husband lost his battle with depression and ptsd just 10 days after returning home. His suicide was meant to be a murder suicide. I fought and was able to get away, but I did watch him die and was later retired from that trauma. Due to his plans his mother received all the death benefits and blames me for his death. It's been a very difficult transition to civilian life. I struggle with major depressive disorder, anxiety, and ptsd. I am currently applying to go back to school to become a trauma counselor and was asking about PCs when my friend Christopher told me about this program. I would be so grateful for the opportunity to receive a PC to make my school dreams a reality. Thank you, Lindsay

PCs are very useful to our Veterans, from playing games to streaming, down to using them for work or school. Sometimes we get a request from someone hoping to complete post-Military schooling and isn't sure where to start.

In the case of Lindsay, we were eager to support her as she's been through quite a bit, and while it may not be world-changing, anything we can do to help is worth it.

I just received the last box this afternoon :)
This is amazing! Thank you so much!!

Good luck to Lindsay with schooling!

Lindsay's PC Vetrofit Crate was supported by RonnieFit and his fantastic community, who continue to fundraise to get PCs out to our Veterans. It really makes a difference.

The drive to reach $600k doesn't stop at $600k, and it doesn't stop until the end of the year. Want to get on a fundraiser for the holiday to support our Veterans? Hit the button below. It's never too late to answer the Call to Arms.

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