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PC Vetrofit Crate – Brandon

We don't often get to do a PC Vetrofit update, but when we do, they're pretty great. With the pandemic, getting parts right now isn't the easiest, but somehow we manage. With that in mind, please read the request for Brandon from a fellow Veteran, Andrew, who received a PC Vetrofit Crate back in 2019:

Howdy, I am nominating my best friend and fellow Marine Brandon Lantrip. Brandon and I began working in the same unit HMH-361 back in 2008 when I arrived at the squadron as a PFC, Cpl Lantrip at the time was an Airframer on the CH-53E helicopter and I was a Flightline Mechanic. During late 2008 I was moved on temporary duty to the Corrosion Control center under the Airframes Dept. This is when we first started working together on the helicopter and eventually became friends. During our deployment in 2009 his wife left him and around the same time my girlfriend left me. Lots of our time off was planning motorcycle trips and living the single life once we got back stateside. Fast forward to 2020 both of us have been out of the Marines for years and have families. Recently he moved to Alabama from Michigan for his wife for work. Brandon doesn't do much for himself but he works extremely hard for his family and basically has three modes, work, family, sleep. Guy doesn't want for anything but he does enjoy playing video games and helped me build my first desktop gaming computer in 2013. During their recent move something happened to his rig that is over a decade old now she doesn't run and after receiving my rig from Stack-up I feel like one of the best things that could happen to him is to be gifted with a new rig. He loves playing video games with his daughter and I think this would do wonders for his mental and physical health.

Thanks, Andrew, for nominating your friend! Yes, you can nominate friends and family members that you know for a crate. It might just be the perfect surprise for them, especially if you know they like video games.

He got the stuff. Awesome job man! He's speechless. Love what you guys do.

RonnieFit and his community have been raising money for PC Vetrofit Crates, and RonnieFit often puts them together on his Facebook Gaming channel. He has recently moved his operations over to Youtube, and we wish him luck as he makes the change.

Want to know more about getting involved? Hit that button below.

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