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Noel the Mortal Fate Basics Guide

This guide will explain the basics of Noel the Mortal Fate. The game is available for Nintendo Switch, PS4/ PS5, Xbox consoles, and PC (Microsoft Store and Steam). This guide covers mechanics introduced in Season 1 of the 7 Seasons covered in the base game. Only minimal plot spoilers are in this guide, i.e., Playable Characters' names and screenshots of the first few areas for informative purposes.


Noel Cerquetti – She is one of the two characters that you will be playing as. She is a young pianist who comes from an affluent family. She does not get involved in combat, and most of your job as the other character will be actively protecting her or guiding her across maps with push box and timing puzzles.

Caron - Caron is a Devil, and this powerhouse is who you will be spending most of your time controlling to partake in combat, puzzle solving, and such.

Control Basics (Xbox Inputs)

​Dpad/ Left Thumbstick


A button

Choose / Investigate

B button


Y button / Start


X button



Exploration in this game is rather straight forward and all interactive elements are marked (image below) with triangles. A good rule of thumb is if the triangle is gray, you have already seen everything you can from that point of interest; if not, it warrants further investigation, so see if it will help you progress, but do not be surprised if it's just flavor text. There is always something more in the area to interact with to progress the story further, and it is clearly marked.


Puzzle-solving in this game consists of push block puzzles that are pretty straightforward. If you find yourself stuck, you can use the reset circle (pictured below) to open a prompt to reset the position of everything, including yourself. WARNING: Doing so will prevent you from getting rewarded the “No reset” reward bonus. To negate this, you can always figure out the solution, then revert to an earlier save and redo the puzzle to attain the bonus.

Some Puzzles are more about carrying Noel and guiding her based on timing; these do not reset, but the bonus tends to be not healing or just not getting hurt. If you mess up, you can always revert to a previous save if you are going for a perfect run.


Combat in this game is very straightforward. Due to Caron being a demon, he is way stronger than anyone he is going to run into, but he is not invincible. To damage an enemy, you just walk into them, and to do additional damage; you walk into them from behind. Be mindful, however, you can be damaged if you walk into an enemy while they are desperate and glowing red (pictured below). Later in the game, you will unlock Stances that you can equip on your characters for various effects such as a higher critical hit rate.

PP System

PP is your currency in this game. You earn them by completing story missions, and you can earn bonus PP by completing puzzles on your first try, as well as other situational bonuses. As of Season 1, you can use it to buy items during downtime at the market near your base, but you can also buy them from vending machines, and the prices are the same. Healing items are automatically used as needed, so no need to worry about dying because you could not get a healing item off in time.

Conclusion/Parting Tips

This concludes the basics. My parting piece of advice with this game is to save whenever the game gives you a chance and use the multiple slots so you don't feel punished in experimenting. Have fun and Good luck.

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