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Volunteer Week: Content Creation Team

What is the Stack Up Volunteer Content Creation team and what do they do?

Our Content Creation team consists of writers and recorded video content creators. The writers on our team produce most of the game reviews, hype articles, and gaming news on our blog. Our video content creators edit and create video content, playthroughs, and any other gaming or Stack Up-related content that they desire to go up on our youtube.

A Thank You to our Content Creation Team

To our wonderful writing team and our lone video content creator;

I joined the Stack Up team as the Social Media Manager a little over two months ago, and you all welcomed my introduction with open arms. You have all been awesome to work with, and I look forward to opening the Discord to see what you are all working on every day. I look forward to those moments where we're just talking about the latest game we played and discussing and analyzing all of the things we like about video games.

- DarthSagaSwag

Without you, we would not have the robust blog that we have had. Your reviews are well thought out, and I'm happy to read and edit them. Whether it's a lengthy, deeply analytical piece by FerniWrites or a high-impact hype piece by Roberto Nieves, or one of Blu3Rizing's well-thought-out reviews, or DangerTharp's Outriders Demo analysis or Spectrolyte getting up hyped up for Speedrunning, you are an amazing team to work with. Stack Up is lucky to have you all involved.

The addition of Stack Up Sundays has been fun. Thank you Whiskey Plays for adding video game-themed dad jokes to our youtube content. We look forward to seeing more dad jokes.

Thank you all for being part of our team. You volunteer your words and your analysis of games. We look forward to seeing more of your analysis and appreciation of video games.

- Stack Up

Want to join this awesome team of writers, or make video content for our Youtube?

Right now, we are looking for a Tiktok editor or TTRPG reviewer, but we always welcome new ideas for video game-related content, whether in writing or recorded video. To get started, go to the link and fill out the application at the bottom of the page at this link.

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