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Meet John O’Donnell of The Stacks: Edwards AFB

The Stacks program is an amazing opportunity for current and prior service members and civilians to get together, create a safe and supporting group of friends, and share stories on their adventures of their careers, be it service or on a game pad. But, who are the people who join The Stacks? Well, here is a look into John O’Donnell of The Stacks: Edwards Air Force Base.

John is a member of the Edwards/Lancaster Stack.

John O'Donnell

He’s a Security Forces member in United States Air Force and an avid gamer. John’s played every type of genre from shooters to strategy, across many platforms since the original NES. He’s currently working on Fire Emblem Fates on the 3DS and is awaiting the full version of Overwatch for PS4. He was recruited by Kyle as one of the starting members and hopes to be a contributing member of this faction of Stack. [John] is hoping to reach out to active duty and veterans alike to strengthen the relationships through gaming.

What’s your Background? I have been in the military for three years as a member of the Security Forces in the United States Air Force.  I am currently working on my Bachelor’s in Forensic Scientist.

What motivates you? I am motivated by my life goals and what I would like to accomplish.  I have plans and goals which, as I complete them, continue to drive me forward.

Why did you join Stack Up? I was approached by our Stack Lead, Kyle Zimmerman, and was given a brief overview of the organization including different aspects in which I could become involved in.  After hearing about Stack Up, I felt it was an organization I could support, seeming (as) it combined two different aspects of my life: the military and video games.

Why do you feel others should join or donate to Stack Up? I feel other individuals, especially those within our military, should support Stack Up due to the goals and dreams of the organization. [They] are something I feel can really improve and leave a positive impact on our veterans.

What’s your favorite game? I personally enjoy strategy based games; my favorite so far is the Fire Emblem Series from Nintendo.  I’m currently working on the final play through and DLC that’s available. Waiting “patiently” for Bravely Default: Second Layer for Nintendo’s 3DS and Arc: Evolution Evolved to be available on PS4.

What was the first game you ever played? The first game I ever played was Duck Hunt for the original Nintendo Entertainment System.  My cousins had upgraded to the Super Nintendo and passed along their old system and a handful of games down to me.

Do you have any funny stories from the Air Force? No the Air Force isn’t a joke.

What is your favorite thing about Stack Up? I would have to say my favorite thing about Stack Up is the future opportunities we will be given to spread video game enthusiasm among other veterans and to share our common interest.


You can join Stack Co-Leads Kyle and Seth at future Edwards AFB Stack-Up events by joining their Stack here, and can also support the great work they do for their local community, and around the world, by donating to their Call to Arms fundraising page.

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