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Matt Heafy of Trivium Joins Stack Up's Board of Directors

Fans of heavy metal band Trivium within the Stack Up community will be happy to learn that Matt Heafy, lead singer of Trivium, has joined Stack Up's Board of Directors. His profile can be found on Stack Up's Our Team page here.

His bio on the Our Team page states:

Matthew Kiichi Heafy was born January 26, 1986 - son of a United States Marine and a Japanese Nurse. Matthew’s dad Brian Heafy was stationed in Iwakuni, Japan at the time when he met Matthew’s mom, Yoshiko Kato - a Hiroshima resident.
Moving from Japan to California to Florida to Illinois, then finally once more to Florida, Matthew’s parents were very supportive when he first decided to take the leap into making Metal music seriously at the age of 12. When Matthew tried out for and joined Trivium at 13, Brian began assisting as manager to the band - helping Matthew start a production company, ane began teaching him about business and law.
Trivium has been around for 22 years now, with 9 albums, a Grammy nomination, millions of albums sold worldwide. Matthew has been streaming on Twitch for the last 4 years, and has been published in The New York Times, and has claim of the top music channel on the platform. Matthew’s entire family on his father’s side has always been military - so when he learned about Stack Up’s initiatives, he knew he wanted to help in any way possible. ‘Stack Up’s mission in connecting people and celebrating what unites us, while having a strong emphasis on setting the mind in a good place - truly resonates with me at my core.’ - Heafy said.
He continued: ‘It is an honor to help an organization that works to assist those who work to allow me - to do what I do.’

Stack Up is happy to have Matt Heafy on board with our mission, as he has been supporting us for a while now. Stephen Machuga, our CEO, had this to say about Matt Heafy joining our board:

It is literally a dream come true. I have had Trivium songs on my workout mix since I was in the Army, and now the lead singer is sending me multiple emails a day before I’m even out of bed asking how he can help us out? It’s bananas; the potential feels endless right now.

Many of those within our community are fans of Trivium. We look forward to what Matt Heafy will bring to our board and Stack Up's mission moving forward. Matty Heafy also streams on Twitch, and for those looking to watch him, his page can be found here.

Anyone looking to get involved with Stack Up, our opportunities to volunteer can be found at our How to Help page. Thank you so much to Matt Heafy for joining us!

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