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Call To Arms Live!

Call To Arms Live

If you’ve ever been to a professional sporting match like an NFL game, the difference between watching it on TV and being in the stands is massive. Every year, St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital brings out a bunch of their fundraisers to their hospital for a few days to hang out, interact with the children at the hospital, raise donations and awareness, and generally have a good time.

And what can we say? THAT looked like a lot of fun.

Therefore, Stack Up is proud to announce their first ever Call to Arms live event, aptly named Call to Arms LIVE! Thanks to our partners over at HyperX here in sunny Los Angeles, Stack Up will be flying several of their most supportive Twitch and Mixer streamers out to help kick off Veterans Day weekend and act as the official start to this year’s Call to Arms for November, Stack Up’s fundraising drive for US and allied veterans.

Starting on Friday, November 9th at noon Pacific Standard Time and ending at midnight, streamers will be doing what they do best: streaming on their respective channels as a way to get the word out about our awesome organization as well as help bring in much-needed donations to help out Veterans this holiday season!

The streamers who have been selected for the inaugural event here in sunny Los Angeles are:

Lady Aderissa: IceRocker: DammitRooster: Cahlaflour: DeeJayKnight: ItsPlanB: Gryphon_AM: Gunz: Kara Corvus: Samzorz:

We will be streaming the event to our own Twitch channel, which will hopefully be on the front page of Twitch during the day, so keep an eye out for during the day for interviews with the streamers and a glimpse into the festivities on the ground!

Stack Up’s Call to Arms online event runs through the month of November, and the dollars raised during both Call to Arms and Call to Arms LIVE! are turned back around to fund their end-of-the-year push to support Veterans over the holidays with Stack Up’s Hundred Heroes campaign. Hundred Heroes is when Stack Up sends out 100 (and maybe a few extra, but the name was really catchy) of its Supply Crates, boxes of games and gear, to both units deployed around the world as well as helping out Veterans struggling back home.

Call to Arms is the perfect rocket fuel to help us get Playstations, Xboxes, and Nintendo Switches into the hands of folks who could really use them this time of year!

We are humming with excitement for what we are sure will be an amazing first ever event for Stack Up, and hope you can come out and support us, whether watching the stream, making noise on social media to promote it, donating to your favorite streamer, or simply acknowledging Veterans AND Remembrance Day (Canadian “Veterans Day”, also on November 11th)!

Click on Rex and answer the Call To Arms Today!

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