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Call To Arms – Get Ready for Veterans Day 2017!

What is Call To Arms?

Call To Arms

Call To Arms is our year-long charity drive that supports our mission of using the awesome power of gaming to support “US, UK, Canada, NATO, Australian and New Zealand” veterans around the world! Through this initiative, we are able to fund and expand our three main programs The Stacks, Supply Crates, and Air Assaults and allows us to continue to support amazing veterans everywhere!

The weekend of November 11th will be our Second Annual Veterans Day Call To Arms, and we are looking for streamers small and large to answer the Call and stream for the troops! Pick your times, pick your days, and pick your games and help us support Veterans with gaming! Can’t join us for Veterans Day weekend? Not to worry, we have a scheduled make-up weekend from the 17th-19th so you can Stack Up for the troops on a day that works for you!

Get Signed Up Today!  We are excited to have you be a part of Call To Arms 2017. The first step to answering the Call will be to get signed up with our Fundraising Partner, Tiltify.

If you are having trouble getting signed up we also put together this handy guide that should make things a bit easier.

To maximize your Call To Arms Streaming event, we’ve put together a toolkit with marketing resources that can be adjusted and used as you need to help support your streaming efforts!


Call To Arms Assets Feel free to use the below assets in your Call To Arms promotions:


Sign Up Early for Social Media Promotion! Remember to sign up early and tag us on social media for all of your Call To Arms promotions! We are standing by to help signal boost and spread the word of your Call To Arms event!

Remember to also use the hashtag #CallToArms to help with visibility!


Join Us on Discord The best place to reach out for assistance will be our Stack-Up Call To Arms Discord server.

Here you can find the Stack-Up staff, as well as an army of Red Shirt volunteers, that will be more than glad to answer your questions and provide any kind of assistance we can. When you volunteer for Stack-Up you are one of us, and as such we will not let you go it alone.


Questions?  If you have questions or special requests, please contact our Stream Coordinator, The Game Case (Chris.C@Stack-Up.Org).

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