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air assault andys experience


Air Assault recipient, Andy “BionicWarVet” Toppin walked into the Exhibitor’s Hall of PAX South and knew this was going to be an amazing event he would remember for the rest of his life. “PAX South was AWESOME! I have never seen that much cool gaming stuff and great people in one place. From the second I walked in, I was amazed at how much was there,” said Andy.

Walking past the Twitch booth where he would later give an interview with Founder, Stephen Machuga, Andy made his way through the various exhibits and the enthusiastic crowd of attendees and cosplayers to the Stack-Up booth where the real fun began for him. “Working with Stack-Up was my favorite part of the event. I absolutely love talking to people and telling them about our mission and our programs. Getting to spend time at the booth was amazing for me as I had the chance to talk with so many people about Stack-Up. Stephen Machuga is an amazing man and human being, and it was an honor to meet and share the booth with him. The rest of the Stack-Up crew was just as amazing, and I have made great friends at the event!”


Later Friday evening, Andy had dinner with the Stack-Up crew before heading over to the Twitch party held at Pat O’Brien’s. He had the privilege of hanging out in the VIP area with many others from the gaming world including quite a few popular streamers!

Stack-Up was excited to give Andy quite the experience at PAX South this year! The highlights for him include the Twitch Town Hall Meeting as well as sitting on the Twitch couch doing an interview with them. However, one of the best parts of the experience for him was whenever he had a chance to talk to someone else about Stack-Up to “tell them how incredible it is!”


Andy Toppin is a true supporter of Stack-Up.Org, our mission, and our passion. We were humbly honored to have the opportunity of meeting and hanging out with this “BionicWarVet” and give him this experience. “I will take away the memory of my first ever gaming event! I will never forget PAX South 2016 or the friends I made at Stack-Up. And of course the swag I got to take home! I was so lucky to have been chosen as the Air Assault recipient, and I am honored to continue working with Stack-Up moving forward.”


Follow the links for more information on our Air Assault program or to find out how you can Donate to Stack-Up.Org.

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